Highclass Rollerbanner


Overall Size: 2295(H) x 955(W) x 250(D)mm

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Do you need a Highclass Roller banner? Is your roller banner going to go up, stay up and not be moved around, put away and transported infrequently or is your roller banner going to be moved from place to place, frequently transported and frequently put up and down? Notwithstanding the subjective judgment of which is the better looking cassette (most would go for the Highclass Roller banner we think but taste does vary of course), if you are in the former camp, the eco is probably the model for you, however if you are in the latter camp, then the Highclass Roller banner is probably the more sensible option.

The Highclass Roller banners are the best quality cassettes in our range. Sturdily made from thick, polished aluminium, with a low centre of gravity that does not need swing out feet, which some feel gives a more attractive and professional look than the eco version. All our Highclass Roller banners are printed onto block-out pvc which ensures no light shines through giving a pin sharp image. Likewise our so-flat material ensures no horrible curling at the edges of the print that you see on lesser versions.


With Graphic Printing, Without Printing

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